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"When on New England tour we went to Toronto... and did a number of evenings at this very nice club much like the Blue Take note—a great deal of paintings

musicians, but currently being stopped inside their tracks as they run absent by the sound from the music." —Dan Plonsey

"The Tree Genies have however to play. Within the scheduled working day, there was a big snowstorm, and William had 5 or 6 stitches plus a significant bandage

We are developing this report for you personally and towards the mafia of the music business enterprise. We dedicate it to your groundbreaking individuals

electronically altered trombone and Yu's prosperous cello. The main challenge for Parker, who retained occupied conducting and shifting among

"The live performance at Drancy is admittedly unforgettable, the viewers (partly made up of pupils of high colleges who participated to a workshop)

"The improvisors jammed in two quintets plus a septet, and all nine played in a very continuous list of overlapping duets and trios.

"...they scheduled a recording session the day after they arrived back again for the States. Nevertheless the fickle finger of fate wagged at them, for they were all

[You can find] a concert evaluation by Gary Giddins, regretably he mentions only some of the individuals. Giddins pointed out also that ‘a lot of players

To this point, the creme of your black avant-garde jazz musicians play their serenades on the White Household before the President.

property since the brown-out started, unwilling to take a seat home at nighttime without electrical power (and never recognizing the subways might be stopped

"I was in the band which was playing music for this. ...Patricia did the choreography and William did the music. The staff improved music store all through

piece; followed by an all-out piece—then provide it down, then up and out. Then do a small encore, leave, and allow them to occur all over again for more the

"The session has just been launched, even though not commercially, by Zing Magazine who commissioned it... CD is given absent for free in a single location

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